Tempo Scan New Factory Producing vidoran Xmart Milk
20 June 2014

(Surabaya, June 19) - PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk ("Tempo Scan") through one of its subsidiaries PT Kian Mulia Manunggal inaugurated a new factory ("KMM Factory"), on Thursday, June 19, 2014 which is located in Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut ("SIER"), Surabaya, East Java. KMM factory was inaugurated by Ir. Roy A. Sparringa, M.App.Sc, PhD – Head of the National Agency for Drugs and Food Control (BPOM) of the Republic of Indonesia and witnessed by Handojo S Muljadi as the President Director of Tempo Scan.

Handojo S. Muljadi explained, "KMM Factory Development was based on the noble intentions of Tempo Scan to participate in improving the intelligence potential of Indonesian children, through provision of high quality infant formula and growing up milk with good safety standard at an affordable price".

"Tempo Scan also has over 44 years of experience in the manufacture of quality pharmaceutical products and health supplements such as bodrex, vidoran, hemaviton, Neo rheumacyl, bodrexin, Oskadon, Contrexyn and others, where Tempo Scan has implemented production processes and quality control that comply to the Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP") standards, the experience has equipped Tempo Scan to participate in the infant formula and growing up milk industry that until now still dominated by Multinational companies, even though the number of babies born was between 4.5 to 5 million per year which added on top of the total population of children under the age 1 to 4 years old, which amounting to more than 19 million people", said Handojo.

"In relation to this matter Tempo Scan suggest to the government to establish Gerakan Nasional Susu Rakyat/GNSR (People’s Milk National Movement), which is a movement in providing nutritious milk as an alternative nutrition for toddlers (ages 0-4 years old) and preschool children (ages 5-6 years old) which now reached of a total number of around 34 million people with affordable price compared to similar products that are currently available in the market, however, we also continue to promote the importance of breastfeeding by mothers in accordance to the government program. Hopefully the new government will welcome GNSR positively and support the development of dairy cattle farms in the country, so that Indonesia can transform from a milk deficit country and still needs to import 70% of milk for domestic consumption, to become the milk surplus country in the future ", added Handojo.

Handojo further said, "The KMM Factory is an early stage of the expansion plan of Tempo Scan and the factory is equipped with modern and automated machines technology, the manufacturing process also comply to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards, which designed to be able to produce around 15 thousand tons of milk powder per annum including infant formula products with vidoran My Baby brand and growing up milk with vidoran Xmart brand whose construction will be done in stages". Once the KMM factory is in operation, Tempo Scan within the next 6 months will also operate the liquid milk factory (UHT) with a capacity of 26 thousand tons per annum.

At the same event, Linda Lukitasari as Director of Tempo Research explains, "This vidoran Xmart milk besides containing cod liver oil, vitamins, minerals and amino acids is also fortified with Inulin, a soluble dietary fiber that serves to improve the health of the digestive tract, so that the immune system will be maintained. It is also fortified with linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which are essential fatty acids required by human body that are instrumental for growth and development of children". "vidoran My Baby milk and vidoran Xmart milk are produced domestically with halal certificate from MUI and the formulation of products is comply with national standards (BPOM) and also international (Codex Alimentarius)".

Meanwhile, Adriana A. Rahardjo – Deputy Managing Director of Pharma Consumer Health – Tempo Scan added, "Tempo Scan continuously strives to deliver quality products in order to realize healthy and excelled Indonesian children. Currently, the fact is more than 50% of Indonesian children who consume milk have not received growing up milk with proper nutrition because these children come from low income families ".

"We hope that, with the presence of vidoran My Baby and vidoran Xmart which are divided into two categories, namely vidoran Xmart 3 for ages 1-3 years old and vidoran Xmart 4 for ages 3-6 years old can increase the number of Indonesian children receiving proper nutrition for their growth and future", as explained by Adriana A. Rahardjo.

About PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk

PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk is part of the national private business group called Tempo Scan Group which began its business activities since 3 November 1953, more than 60 years ago. PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk – Pharma Consumer Health Group (“TSP-PCH”) specializes in providing medicines that are effective, safe and affordable which are available in all pharmacies throughout the country. Some of the core brands of TSP-PCH are bodrex, bodrexin for children, NEO rheumacyl, Oskadon and hemaviton multivitamins for adults.

Tempo Scan also addresses the needs of infants and children in Indonesia with a range of baby care products under My Baby brand (My Baby Powder, My Baby Telon Oil Plus, My Baby Shampoo, My Baby Bar Soap and My Baby Softener) which has been manufactured and marketed since 29 years ago.

Vidoran brand has been established in Indonesia since 1977 and contributed in helping to improve the quality of life of children in Indonesia by providing a complete range of children multivitamin products, namely: vidoran Smart, vidoran Guard, vidoran Grow, vidoran Total Care, vidoran Plus and vidoran Gummy.

Tempo Scan is also known by a variety of corporate social responsibility activities conducted by Tempo Scan – CSR Center, which includes Program Sosial Indonesia Tersenyum/PSIT (Smiling Indonesian Social Program), established since 2007 which has provided 1,503 surgeries medical assistance for toddlers and children with congenital abnormalities throughout Indonesia.

For further info, please visit www.Thetempogroup.com