PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (Pharma Consumer Health Group) / TSP- PCH specializes in providing efficacious, safe and affordable non-prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines (OTC). In Indonesia’s rapid growing OTC market, many of TSP- PCH brands have become market leaders in their therapeutic classes, such as bodrex in Adult Analgesic, bodrexin in Children Analgesic, NEO rheumacyl in General Pain Killer, hemaviton in Adult Multivitamin.

To maintain its market leader position, TSP- PCH consistently generates and extends its innovation and product lines, which in turn helping it to capture bigger market share and continuously respond to consumers’ needs and wants.



 hema energy drink

Proudly developed, produced and distributed by Indonesians, hemaviton pioneered the development of multivitamin and health supplement industry in Indonesia since 1977.

As consumers’ needs for supplements evolve and vary depending on their individual lifestyles, hemaviton continuously improves product formulations and develops innovation in its product range. hemaviton believes in helping Indonesians to overcome the physical and mental limitations which prevent them to achieve their full potentials in life.



After 43 years, bodrex has developed to one of the most trusted analgesic brand in Indonesia and has earned the title of the analgesic expert”.

bodrex realizes that most people are faced with challenges such as headache , cough, cold and fever that can disrupt daily activities and decrease productivities. By developing solutions for these matters, bodrex aims to support individuals to manage their top achievements and be equipped to face their daily challenges.

bodrex has received many awards such as ICSA, IBBA, Top Brand, Word of Mouth Marketing Award and Superbrand. These awards prove that bodrex is one of the strongly trusted brands most consumed by Indonesians.


Since 1972, NEO rheumacyl has been developing its brand for more than 4 (four) decades in Indonesia. With its growing spirit and high dedication to deliver a high quality product and fulfill consumers’ needs, NEO rheumacyl helps Indonesians who have problems with muscles and joints.

With the spirit of growing innovation, NEO rheumacyl developed Neo rheumacyl NEURO in 2003 as the only over-the-counter hybrid product of analgesic and neurotropic vitamin. Four variances of NEO rheumacyl Cream were launched to meet consumers’ needs in specific use of topical analgesic.

NEO rheumacyl has received many achievements and awards such as Top Brand and Word of Mouth Award. These achievements and awards are the proven fact that NEO rheumacyl is a trusted Indonesian brand.



Oskadon was launched in 1987, addressing problems in headaches and muscle pains that often interfere our daily activities. Many of these are caused by rapid changes in the circumstances aching the head and muscle that become physical barriers to work and perform well. Facing these challenges, Oskadon continuously improves and develops innovative products as the solution to cure headaches and muscle aches to improve the life quality. After more than 20 years of presence in Indonesia, Oskadon has developed into a trusted brand by all levels of societies. Oskadon continuously innovate, commit and participate in supporting developments in Indonesia.



NEO hormoviton is a supplement to increase stamina and vitality for adult males even after working all day long. Developed and launched in Indonesia in 2009, NEO hormoviton has continued to innovate its product in order to meet men’s needs until now. In order to improve its efficacy, “Pasak Bumi” (Eurycomae longifolia) extract was added to the product composition in 2011.

NEO hormoviton Pasak Bumi comes in capsules packed in strips, effervescent powder packed in sachets and liquid packed in the bottle.


 bodrexin flubatuk

bodrexin was originally launched as bodrexin chewable tablet with orange flavor in 1969. It was primarily addressed to relieve kids’ fever.

In 2000, bodrexin launched bodrexin Flu&Batuk to relieve cough and flu. Cough and flu are common diseases for kids aged below 12 years old.

To demonstrate its dedication to Indonesia, especially Indonesian children and be the ally of mother in ensuring their children’s health, bodrexin completed its product range via the launch of bodrexin Demam syrup to reduce kids’ fever and bodrexin Pilek Alergi to relieve runny nose, sneezing and nasal decongestion caused by allergy in 2009. Bodrexin vapor rub later came in 2011. bodrexin vapor rub is meant to complement the bodrexin oral medication line.


Since 1977, Vidoran has been helping to improve children’s quality of life in Indonesia by providing a complete range of multivitamins and minerals that increase immune system, intelligence, appetite and healthy growth.

Vidoran continues to innovate and launch many variants for children’s health to help them fully develop their potentials.



Zevit Grow was first launched in 1993 to meet the needs of teenagers ranged from 13 to19 years old . It provides vitamins that optimize their physical growths. Zevit Grow is a supplement in caplet & effervescent formats that contains Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc for optimizing body growth during growing period.



Contrexyn is a medicine brand for children’s most common illness, fever. Contrexyn was first launched in 1990 in chew tablets with orange flavor. It is a fever medicine for children aged 2 – 5 years.

In 2012, Contrexyn has expanded its product range by introducing Contrexyn Demam syrup with orange flavor which targets children aged below 12 years old.